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FREE (yep, you heard that right) Colored Pencil Project! 

Right about now I was scheduled to be teaching on Caribbean cruise with Ann Kullberg and Amy Lindenberger, but the virus had other ideas.

Now we are all stuck at home. But I am offering you my class anyhow!

Beginning April 21, we’ll be giving my cruise project, Rainbow Bird of Paradise free to subscribers of COLOR Magazine. We’ll send you a step a day for 13 days, and when we’re done you’ll have a gorgeous, frameable tropical flower. Pretty neat, huh?

Prepare to have fun and unlax! Check back for the link


Rhonda’s first SOAR class in Keizer, Oregon. You guys are The Best!


Sweeps at the Evergreen State Fair

2018 has been an amazing year and the hits just keep coming! This year I was blown away to discover that my two entries into the Evergreen State Fair won big awards:

These are the two most prestigious rosettes at the fair, and it’s just thrilling to receive the recognition!

If you have never entered an art show, your local county or state fair may be a great place to start. Entry fees are usually low or non-existent and you will gain experience having your artwork shown. And really, there is no better feeling than walking into an exhibition hall, seeing your artwork on display, and watching people admire your work!

A First at Edmonds

Spring 2018 has been the most fun yet on this amazing colored pencil journey, with two pieces accepted into the juried show  at the prestigious Edmonds Arts Festival in Edmonds, Washington.

I’d just found out about the festival this spring and decided to enter a couple of pieces because the festival is held fairly close to my home. So for a first timer, getting into the show was a big deal. Krysta nearly had to peel me off the ceiling when I found out my work had been accepted.

But that wasn’t all. On June 11, I discovered that one of my pieces, Wanderlust, won a FIRST PLACE (I just about fainted) at Edmonds, and that came with a nice monetary prize, too.  I walked around in a dream state for days.

Maybe I still am.



April was Shaking at The Schack!

In April, one of my newest pieces, “Wildberries” was accepted for the Schack Art Center’s 21st Annual Juried show. The piece was one of 121 chosen for the show from more than 600 entries!

The show features many different 3D and 2D media and I’m really happy to have this chance to represent colored pencil to a large audience. The Schack Art Center is located on Hoyt Avenue in Everett, Washington.

Woohoo! The Schack show made the Everett Herald and they mentioned us:

“Be sure also to see Bruce Morrow’s oil painting “Magpie Rodeo,” Tom Gross Shader’s oil painting “Farmstand,” Mike O’Day’s funny sculpture “Last Caw,” James Snitily’s two-textured ceramic vessels, Rhonda Dicksion’s Colored Pencil Drawing of “Wildberries,” and Kathleen Faulkner’s oil pastel “Southbound.”

“It’s a must-see exhibit,” Johansen said.



Way To Go, David Cantrell!

David recently completed my Dazzling Chrome tutorial (available through Ann Kullberg’s website here) and did quite a remarkable job. The chrome just sparkles and this Harley Road King is ready to roar off the page! Thanks for sharing it, David.

Want to try it yourself?  The Dazzling Chrome Tutorial by Rhonda Dicksion provides step-by-step instruction that will guide you through 30 detailed steps for mastering reflective chrome. The kit Includes line drawing, full-color images, Prismacolor color chart and detailed method overview, plus videos.



Ribbons at The 2017 Evergreen State Fair in Monroe

It was time to do a few dog circles when I found out the two pieces I entered in the state fair this year won ribbons. Rose Crush took a second with 89 points, and with a score of 91 Still Life with Harley won a first place and the Judge’s Choice ribbon! Thanks to everyone in the fine arts division at the fair for your hard work and the care you take with the artwork… and the artists!

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